Ministry Teams:



·   Serve as a musician or vocalist

·   Prepare equipment

·   Plan worship services with pastor


·   Support financially


·   Welcoming and following up with guests

·   Prepare and set up welcome area



·  Serve and share the gospel with children

·  Provide a safe environment for children



Why should I be a part?

You will be entering into God’s bigger commitment to our city, participating in worship that is both attractive to the curious and skeptical and deeply meaningful for followers of Christ, and engaging a lifestyle of personal spiritual renewal.


If I'm already a part of a church, are you asking me to leave my church to join this one? 

We are looking for people who see this as a ministry, joining in what God is doing in the city. We will ask you to approach the leadership of your existing church about being a part of this ministry so that they can agree with you being a part. As the gathering gains momentum, you may sense God’s leading to more fully enter in as a member, but that is not the goal on the front end.


How do I get involved or find out more?

Click on a launch team and let us know where you think you could fit in and we'll follow up with you.

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