Learning to Listen

I like Walmart. There. I said it. Please don’t hate me. I even acknowledge the greeters as long as they don’t try to engage me in too much conversation. After all, I’m there to get in and get what I want.

It’s easy to treat people the same way I treat Walmart greeters. As long as people help me get what I want, or at least don’t block me from it, we’re all good. But as soon as they try to engage me too much, especially if they want to talk about differing views or don’t make me feel good about myself, they don’t get positive reviews on my ‘customer survey’!


What to do? Acknowledge or ignore the ‘greeters’? Learning to listen and understand diverse voices in Nashville is vital to becoming an increasingly vibrant city; a city where people harmonize in our differences.

New Nashville seeks to provide a safe space for directed, open discussion. Diverse voices are needed. The next discussion is this Thursday, April 27th.  The topic for this season is Immigration.

Come for food and drink at 5:30 PM. The discussion starts at 6:00.

Thursday, April 27
5:30 PM
3 Cannery Row 37203
(Look for New Nashville signs and park in the lot right across the alley/street even though it says reserved until 8:00 PM)

‘Greeters’ are welcome.