Come Together

Ever gone to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)?  Lots of waiting...waiting...waiting.  Lots of different nationalities and languages.  Lots of frustration and irritability.  Everybody’s trying to get something, but nobody’s really sure how to get it, when they’ll get it, or if they’ll get it. 
Living in an increasingly diversifying city like Nashville can feel a lot like the DMV.  Nobody’s really sure how it’s going to go.  Presently, 12% of the population of Nashville is foreign born.  That number continues to grow. 
We believe Nashville can be more like Playing for Change than the DMV.  We believe people from different cultures and faiths can actually come together in harmony instead of self-focused frustration. 
Join us tonight and the next four Thursdays (April 13, 20, 27, May 4) to discuss “Immigration: Embracing our growing diversity, Engaging different cultures and faith.” 
5:30                        Food and drinks
6:00                        Stories and presentations re: Immigration
6:20                        Q&A and discussion