Coexist: Why Tolerance Never Works

Coexist bumper stickers, signs and shirts have been around for the last decade or so.  Evidently, the original idea came from an artist in Poland, who entered it in an international art competition. Several years later, some U.S. college students came across it, added a few extra symbols, and trademarked it for themselves. U2 began using a form of it in their concerts. Legal suites began being filed...So much for coexistence and tolerance!

The winter series of the New Nashville Gathering will focus upon what -- if anything -- can actually bring harmony into dissonance, unity into diversity, and understanding into disgust. After all, don’t we all hate haters? Find out more info about the New Nashville Gathering HERE.

“Ultimately, tolerance is too weak a concept to be attributed to God.  God is so much more than tolerant that Christians can rightly ignore it as a fundamental goal for their own lives – but only if they are willing to live by a much higher standard…The standard of love…By God’s standards we are worse than intolerant – we often fail to love.” Daniel Taylor, Is God Intolerant?